How to create a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia, commonly known as Wiki page,` is a consistently advancing, User-created encyclopedia that permits users to add content including pages, articles, and general information. In this Article we’ll show you how to creating wiki page.

Wikipedia at present has 58 million articles in more than 300 dialects. Themes range from pinball to Prometheus and everything.

On the off chance that you are keen on making a wiki page for your business or promoting endeavors, you ought to know that adding a page to the Encyclopedia can obviously be challenging.

With so many guidelines determining what content to include on the site and the sheer effort of writing a highly researched page about your business, creating a wiki page is no easy feat.

Wikipedia has five pillars to guide creators in controlling what content ends up on the platform.

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.
  • Wikipedia is written from a neutral perspective.
  • Wikipedia is free, editable, usable, and distributable to everyone.
  • Respect and civility should guide interactions between Wikipedia authors.
  • There are no concrete rules on the platform, only guidelines, and principles.

After a page is published, volunteer editors are assigned to edit and add to the page for the duration of its existence.

While those guidelines may seem daunting, there are significant benefits for marketers and business owners who can make the encyclopedia work in their favor (creating wiki page).

What are the benefits of having a wiki page?

Wikipedia’s biggest advantage is its sheer size and accessibility. It is one of the most visited websites in the world, averaging 2 million unique visitors per month.

In addition to its visitor numbers, the site offers other benefits to marketers and business owners:

  1. Get traffic to your site and drive backlinks: Nearly 60 percent of SEOs say backlinks have a big impact on search rankings. As you become an active contributor to Wikipedia and start contributing content, you’ll identify pages that are relevant to your audience. Look for related articles with broken links and missing citations, and use links to your site to update those pages. When you add relevant links in the right place, you will get backlinks and traffic to your website.
  2. Guide to your services and offerings: With the structure of a wiki page, you can provide readers with basic information such as your brand story, location, and management listing. You can also include numbered listings of your services and offerings, which will allow interested parties to better interact with your products. With a direct link, you can drive to the respective pages on your website.
  3. Building Credibility: While Wikipedia is not a perfect source for scholarly research given its user-generated nature, there is no denying that people flock to the platform for information. By creating a page for your company on the site, you can further develop your credibility as an established company.

As we discussed, publishing your page on Wikipedia is a complex process. However, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

In this post, we break down the ten steps and considerations to keep in mind on how to create a wiki page.

1. What are the eligibilities to creating wiki page?

Not every business or topic is worthy of a wiki page. According to Wikipedia, entities must be “notable,” which Wikipedia defines as “verifiable evidence that the entity or product has attracted notice from reliable sources unrelated to the entity or product.”

Just because you have a business or famous owner doesn’t mean you deserve to create a wiki page for it.

It’s also worth noting that you must disclose a “conflict of interest” if you write or edit articles about your own business or if someone else you know does it for you.

If your company or topic is significant (and credible sources have written about your company), you are eligible to create a page.

2. Create a Wikipedia account

The first step in your journey to creating a wiki page is to register an account on the site.

Starting an account allows you to create Pages and has other benefits, including:

  • Access the permanent user page where you can share a brief bio and some photos
  • Access the talk page where you can interact with other users
  • Build your reputation as a Wikipedia author
  • Customize the way your pages appear

Complete this form to create a wiki page.

Wiki Page

3. Contribute to existing pages

Wikipedia has exclusively user-generated content, and you should contribute to existing accounts and pages to build credibility on the site.

There are a few reasons for this. Initially, the most usual way to create a new page on Wiki is to use their AfC submission template. This template makes it easy to design and submit your new page.

The problem?

There is currently a three-month waiting period as each submission is manually reviewed.

However, you can get this submission time. If you have 10 edits and an account older than three days, you can post a page directly without waiting for AfC review. This doesn’t mean it’ll stick, as editors can remove pages, but it can get you through the review phase. This is a great way to contribute to the Wikipedia community.

Begin by regularly editing existing entries for clarity, truthfulness, and credibility.

The more you engage in content optimization, the more credibility you gain on the site and the more fighting chance your page has to get published.

4. Verify a Page Doesn’t Already Exist

Maybe you’re an expert on a particular niche topic that you’re sure no one else is dealing with in the vast landscape that is Wikipedia. Your business may be eligible for a wiki page (and you meet their standards.)

No matter how unique you think your topic is, you still need to dig to see if anyone has already staked their flag on your topic. Chances are there are related topics that you can edit or link to your planned page.

Use the search bar to explore pages related to your intended topic.

5. Research your topic and gather resources/information

Before writing your wiki page, research your topic thoroughly. Whether you’re creating a page for your business or a nearby industry topic, be sure to include internal and external sources to ensure your credibility and relevancy in your draft.

Focus on resources, articles, and publications that you can use as references. wiki pages should have sources for information, so make sure you can back up your claims!

6. Create an outline

After gathering your research resources, create an outline for your page. Break your information into digestible sections that can be indexed through the site’s table of contents on each page.

7. Write a Draft of Your wiki page

Take your time to write your wiki page. Your content should be thorough, thoughtful, helpful, and provide what searchers want to know.

While wiki pages can benefit your marketing efforts, remember that the site’s true purpose is to be encyclopedic and impartial. It’s not a good practice – taking the wrong tone or bragging about your business can get your page removed.

8. Upload the page into the article wizard

Once your page is written (and you’re asking someone to review it for you), it’s time to go to the Wikipedia article guide to draft your page. Don’t forget your resources.

In advance in creating your page Wikipedia provides this disclaimer: “The title of an article must already be in reliable sources regardless of the subject. These include magazines, books, newspapers, magazines and websites known for fact-checking. Press releases, social media or professional profiles do not qualify.

Linking sources as citations to your wiki page is vital to the success of your page. Citations are a vehicle for persuading searchers to trust the information you share on your page.

So make sure you use those sources to back up your claims.

8. Submit your article for review

After writing and proofreading your page, it’s time to submit your article to Wikipedia for review. If you have to use the AfC process, this process may take a few months.

As we mentioned earlier, publishing on Wikipedia is very challenging. Your page or article may be rejected a few times before finally getting approved.

10. Continue making improvements

After you’ve completed your page and received approval, it’s no time to rest on your laurels.

Remember that anyone can edit wiki pages, including your competitors or people who don’t like your brand. Although these fixes won’t last long, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your page.

Additionally, as your page gains traction on Google, you should schedule regular updates. And audits to ensure that you provide the most relevant information about your offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How to Create a wiki page

Is it free to create a wiki page?

Wikipedia is free in every sense of the word – it’s a repository of the entire world’s knowledge, written by volunteers around the world, and freely available to everyone without ads.

Can anyone create a page on Wikipedia?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia user account and write an article on any topic. Wikipedia, however, prefers that title not be “myself”. It’s right there, clearly stated in their terms of service. Wikipedia entries are like wedding showers.

Should I create a wiki page for my business?

Yes, you can create a wiki page for your business (or a client’s business) if you qualify. When you build a page, you get benefits that include a boost in both search and backlinks, increased credibility, and more traffic.

In addition to these benefits, you can expect more exposure for your business considering the number of users who search Wikipedia daily.

Is it challenging to create wiki page?

It can be, yes. Your page should not only adhere to many of the guidelines set by Wikipedia, but also write a comprehensive, research-based article about your topic or business in a neutral tone.

How do I know if my wiki page will be published or not?

If you adhere to the guidelines established by Wikipedia and ensure that your content is not duplicated, you have a good chance of getting your page published.

However, we note that creating a wiki page requires a lot of work. Essentially, you create a well-researched document that describes your company’s history, mission, and offerings.

How long will my Wikipedia article be reviewed before publication?

While we wish there was a straightforward answer to this question, publication review times vary from site to site, from a couple of days to several months.

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