How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Businesses spend a total of 115 billion to advertise on Facebook Business Suite Meta (formerly Facebook) platforms. Why? It works! Not only that; Meta has great tools to help you easily manage and monitor your business accounts.

Are you struggling to keep up with your Instagram and Facebook marketing?

Are TMs and comments falling through the cracks?

Features like multiple tabs and an ad manager for all your accounts scare you?

You’re about to fall head over heels with Meta Business Suite, which was called Facebook Business Suite before Facebook changed its name to Meta.

It’s a new build of the platform, designed to remove time-consuming road bumps in social media management and make it easier for businesses to manage their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Below is everything you need to know about Meta Business Suite. We’ll break down what it is, everything you can do with the tool, how it can benefit your business, and a quick walkthrough of how to set up your account.

What Is Facebook Business Suite (now Meta Business Suite) and How Does It Work?

Facebook Business Suite (Meta) turns your Facebook and Instagram accounts into an easy-to-use dashboard.

Through the platform, you can manage all the accounts you own or manage with a variety of tools to more easily control your business’s social media presence.

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The best part? It’s free and available on mobile and desktop.

All you have to do is connect your accounts, and you’ll instantly have access to an overview dashboard of your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

You can:

  • Create a list of notifications to manage
  • Check insights about your performance and audience growth
  • Create or view recent posts or stories
  • Create or manage recent ads
  • Check out the content calendar
  • Find content inspiration
  • Contact via Facebook and Instagram DMs and inbox for comments
  • Contact the Business Manager
  • Check for Business Suite updates

There is an entire “More Tools” section with 12 features to play with, including:

  • Appointments
  • Advertising Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Immediate Forms
  • Media library

Facebook Business Suite (Meta) vs. Facebook Business Manager

Before Facebook became Meta, they offered both Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager. Both options are still offered under Meta.

Business Manager is a backend tool used to share or control access to your business accounts by assigning one of six different “roles” to those who have access to your accounts.

The Business Suite offers front-end management such as merging notifications, scheduling posts and managing your inbox.

Facebook (Meta) Business Suite allows you to integrate and streamline your activity across Meta social media and Messenger platforms.

Leveraging Meta Business Suite Insight

Meta Business Suite makes it easy to track your business accounts and campaigns across Meta Social and Messenger platforms.

Here are some insights from Meta Business Suite and how you can use them:

  • Ad spend: Track your ad spend across all meta platforms. Based on how well you perform, you can adjust your spending accordingly. For example, if you spend more on Instagram ads, but other insights show that the ads aren’t performing well, you can redirect your budget to more successful meta platforms.
  • Engagement: Meta (Facebook) Business Suite allows you to see engagement with your organic and optimized content. You can see which content performs best and use that to inform in your future strategies and the content you publish on social.
  • Audience Statistics: With Business Suite, you can view data about users who interact with your profile and content. For example, you can see where they’re from, their other interests, their age, and more. You can use this information to continue creating content that targets your existing users, or adjust your strategies if your content isn’t reaching the right audience.

Using the Meta Business Suite App

The Meta (Facebook) Business Suite mobile app lets you manage your business accounts from your mobile device.

Everything you can do on desktop you can do on mobile. Track your account activity, manage your inbox and get audience insights.

How to Use Facebook Business Suite/Meta

Before you can start streamlining your social media management with Facebook (now Meta) Business Suite, you’ll need to follow a simple setup process.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Suit Account

Go to and select “Create a Facebook Business Account”. Enter your business account name and click “Next” once you’re done.

Meta Facebook Business Suite

Step 2: Fill in Your Contact Information

Enter your full name and business email address. These information will not be visible to your followers. Facebook will only use it to contact you.

Meta Facebook Business Suite

Step 3: Select Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Facebook and Instagram accounts you own are accessible for you to claim. If you’re managing an account that belongs to someone else, you won’t be able to select it.

To select an Instagram account, you need to convert it to a business or creator account. In the event that you attempt to choose an individual profile, Facebook will request that you switch prior to proceeding with the setup.

Step 4: Add People to Your Business Account

Here, you can select your page admins. Enter their email address and assign each contact as an employee (limited access) or business administrator (full access).

If you run your accounts separately, you can skip this step.

Add business admin to Meta Facebook Business Suite

Step 5: Review Your Business Account

When you’re happy with your selection and have access to your business suite, click “Confirm.” Facebook will then take you to your dashboard overview, and you can start using all the tools on the platform.

Review Meta Facebook Business Suite

Tools available in Meta Business Suit

Curious about the tools in the Meta Business Suite? Let’s take a deep dive into what you can do with the platform and how it can benefit your business.

Monitor Your Inbox

Are comments a drain on your time? Do you find yourself constantly bouncing between apps on your phone or overwhelmed by notifications on your desktop?

You can see all your Instagram and Facebook comments in one place, with the Inbox tool in Meta Business Suite.

Turn on the kettle, make the coffee, block 30 minutes on your calendar and answer everything at once.

  • What about Direct Messages (DMs)? It can also be found here.
  • Do you have a Facebook chat plugin on your website? You can also manage all your messages here.
  • Sick of answering the same question every day? Business Suite allows you to generate automated responses to your frequently asked questions.

Explore Insights

There are many free and paid tools that display Facebook and Instagram analytics, but few compare to the platform’s built-in option.

With Business Suite, you can view the latest statistics for all your accounts.

Gone are the days of switching between different apps or going in and out of individual posts.

In the Insights Dashboard, you can see an overview of how your content is performing over a period of time and sort your posts:

  • Reach
  • Likes and Reactions
  • opinions
  • Shares
  • Results
  • Cost per decision
  • Link clicks
  • Latest content

One of the most interesting aspects of Insights is audience segmentation. This breaks down your current audience for both sites, and you can see at a glance:

  • Age and gender
  • In cities and towns
  • Top countries

There is also a Potential Audience tab. If you run an ad, it describes your estimated number of visitors and the top pages liked by your visitors.

Insights Meta Facebook Business Suite

Don’t like what you see? You can create custom audiences by clicking the “Filter” button and refining the results:

  • Place
  • age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Language

Create Posts and Stories

Do you use post-build apps like Later or Planoli? Business Suite sets itself up as a competitor by giving you the ability to create and schedule your posts and stories in one place.

That’s not all.

If you go to the Planner section of your dashboard, you’ll see a calendar view of your past and upcoming posts.

Facebook also recommends the times when your audience is most likely to be online. Click on it and start creating a new post or story.

One of my favorite features of the “New Post” box is the hashtag tool. It lets you see which hashtags are trending, the number of posts using the tag, and save your favorites for later.

Additionally, it displays hashtag results for each platform and offers recommendations based on the ones you’ve already selected.

While in create mode, you can combine your Instagram and Facebook posts together at the same time. Switch between different tabs and you can see exactly how your post will look on both sites.

Create Ads

Don’t want to open another tab for Facebook Ad Manager? You can track your ad performance and create ads from a business suite.

This is another time saver and allows you to see how you are tracking towards goals.

On the dashboard, you can see:

  • reach
  • post engagement
  • link clicks
  • page likes

Switch between different filter views to see your results for the last 90, 60, 30 and 7 days.

To create an ad, click the blue “Create Ad” button in the top right corner. A pop-up will load and take you through the step-by-step process of setting up the conversion work.

First, select your ad target. You can choose:

  • Automated ads
  • Get more leads
  • To increase a position
  • Boost an Instagram post
  • Promote a page
  • Get more website visitors
  • Get more news

Next, start designing your ad creatively. As you adjust your text and media, you’ll see a live preview.

If you want Facebook to adjust your ad for each visitor, turn on automatic adjustments. For example, the platform may adjust the brightness or display the original aspect ratio if it thinks the ad will perform better.

Scroll down to select your audience or create a new one, create locations and set your campaign budget and duration.

Once you’re done with all, click “Advertise Now” to review your ad.

Create Appointments for Your Business

Remember the extra options I talked about earlier?

One of the most significant features of an online business is the appointments scheduler.

If you run a service-based business, leverage Facebook’s capabilities and empower your audience to book directly on the platform.

If people don’t need to log into another site to complete the process, you remove an extra step and make closing the sale much easier.

The result? A boost to your bottom line!

Inside the Business Suite, you can manage your appointments, view requests, and adjust settings to fit your schedule.

Generate Leads With Instant Forms
Does your business rely heavily on lead gen? Start using Facebook Instant Forms.
What are Instant Forms? Consider it a smaller than usual CRM framework. At the point when you make a promotion and set your target to find drives, you can make custom structures that clients can finish up without leaving the site.
Again, you remove the barrier of trying to move them from one website to another. Thus, improving the chances of someone completing the form and requesting a callback.
With Facebook Business Suite (Meta), you can deal with your structures and set up a CRM framework.
At the point when you make a structure, Facebook offers various choices relying upon your lead age objective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meta Business Suite

What Facebook Business Suit?

Meta Business Suite is used to manage your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts in a single dashboard. You can create posts, reply to comments, schedule stories, run ads, and many more.

How to Use Meta Business Suite?

  • Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Account
  • Step 2: Fill in Your Contact Information
  • Step 3: Select Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts
  • Step 4: Add People to Your Business Account
  • Step 5: Review Your Business Account

What are the available tools in Meta Facebook business suite?

  • Monitor Your Inbox Facebook & Instagram
  • Explore Insights
  • Create Posts and Stories
  • Create Ads
  • Create Appointments for Your Business
  • Generate Leads With Instant Forms

Conclusion: Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Meta Business Suite is great for creators, individual brands and organizations to smooth out their online entertainment the executives across Facebook and Instagram.

It lets you track your growth, keep up with your audience’s comments and DMs, schedule your content, create ads, and more.

If you only use these two platforms to run your business and other social media management tools, it’s worth checking out Business Suite. You’ll find it a very powerful tool, and you can cut another business expense out of your monthly budget.

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