How to Make Money Blogging

I’ve had days where I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on my blog. This is not unusual. (earn money online 2022, how earn money with blog)

It took a ton of hard work and dedication to reach millions of readers now. You really want serious traffic to bring in that sort of cash. This is not something you should expect to achieve overnight.

The only thing standing between you and this kind of success is your time and effort.

Also, there are many more ways to make money blogging today than when I first started. If you’re willing to put in the work, earning an extra few hundred dollars a month isn’t far-fetched.

In this guide, I’ll show you the right way to make money blogging by avoiding the mistakes I’ve made in my 10-year journey. (How to Make Money Blogging)

Very correct? Let’s get started. (earn money online 2022)

Your 2-Minute Cheat Sheet (earn money online 2022)

The first thing you need to do to start making money is to come up with an idea and a name for your blog. Think about topics you like to write about often.

After that, sign up for the WordPress Starter Plan with Hostinger. Even if you don’t have much of a budget, you can lock in an affordable $3.99 a month for four years.

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After choosing your hosting plan and creating your account, the hosting’s setup wizard will help you with the rest.

Enter some details about your site and your level of experience building your site and select WordPress as your platform of choice. Hostinger will install WordPress for you once the setup is complete, so you don’t have to do anything.

After that, you can choose a template for your site or start designing from scratch.

Choosing a domain name is the last step. With Hostinger’s WordPress Starter hosting plan (and more plans, as well), a free domain is included. Make sure to add the WHOIS privacy. A few extra dollars will be worth it for better privacy and security. (How to Make Money Blogging)

With this, your blog site is up and running. Hurray!

The other step is to create and go live your first blog post.

Once you get some posts up and start attracting some traffic, you can work on monetizing your blog to earn your first dollars.

For this, you need to sign up for Google AdSense and Amazon Associates account to earn money through ads and marketing respectively. After successfully driving more traffic to your site you can sell your own products and services.

That was the basis. Now let’s get to the details.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Blog’s Niche

First on the agenda is deciding what your blog is about. Whether you want to talk about marketing, CBD, veganism, or random life stories, find it.

Remember, your idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but you do need a unique voice.

The following are two ways to settle on a blog specialty:

Choose Something That You Enjoy (How to Make Money Blogging)

I know it sounds like a cliché, but there’s no point in blogging about the topic if you don’t like it.

Never start blogging about something you don’t like – it will show in your writing and your readers will know it. Also, you can’t consistently create great content to build your audience and then monetize it.

Make a list of things that naturally interest you and that you enjoy learning about. Or think about your friends and family coming to you for advice.

Find Out Whether a Prospective Niche Has a Readership

You can earn money from your blog only if you have enough site visitors.

Let’s say you’ve already figured out your blog niche and want to write about arts and crafts.

You are making a smart decision to create a blog dedicated exclusively to paper art or scrapbooking and take a more niche. While you’re happy to write about both topics, you’ll want to focus primarily on one.

But how can you choose between two?

Answer: Do a quick Google search.

Google results quantity for keyword search 1 for How to Make Money Blogging
Google results quantity for keyword search 2 for How to Make Money Blogging

As you can see, there are many decisions related to paper art versus scrapbooking. Therefore, it makes more sense to write about the paper art that the audience is looking for.

I would also like to add that it is better to avoid broad or general topics. Don’t be afraid to get specific as long as you have people who will take it.

For instance, if you want to create a food blog, don’t use words like “food”. Use “barbecue” or “vegetarian” instead.

Get my point?

Step 2: Name Your Blog (How to Make Money Blogging)

Once you have an idea, you need to work on naming your blog.

Does the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ring a bell? I suspected as much.

But I bet Lady Gaga.

Woman Crazy’s genuine name is Stefani Joan Angelina Germanotta. He decided to go with a catchy and easy-to-remember alternative that aligned better with his music.

how earn money with blog

Lady Gaga how earn money with blog

That is the force of the right name.

Choosing a blog name is equal parts exciting and daunting. After all, it will be your brand name and dictate how people will remember you.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t name your blog something random or offensive.

Keep the following questions in mind when deciding on a name:

  • Does it reflect what your blog will be about?
  • Will your target audience like it?
  • Is the name easy to say and pronounce?
  • Is it concise and concise?

I chose my own name as my domain ( because I am Neil Patel and this is my brand. You can do what I did or come up with something completely different.

I recommend choosing .com whenever possible. But they are expensive, I know.

If all the upside .coms are taken, don’t pressure. Think about your main URL keywords.

If you’re aiming for and someone else got there first, try, which is every bit as cheap and memorable.

Step 3: Sign up with a Web Host Like Hostinger

To get your blog live, you need to sign up with a web hosting service, along with a registered domain name that serves as your blog’s address.

I recommend Hostinger, hands down one of the best web hosting companies around – not to mention, it’s affordable. Go to the hostinger’s website and click Get Started Now to view their hosting plans.

I recommend the WordPress Starter plan because it’s the cheapest plan ($3.99/month) and includes a free domain name.



If you own a domain, you can save even more and get a single WordPress for $1.99/month. It has lower limits on site storage and monthly visits, but you don’t have to worry about exceeding them when you get started. You can always upgrade later.

After clicking Select, you’ll enter payment information and create your Hostinger account. Once the payment process is complete, you will be guided through the hosting’s setup wizard.

To give you the most effective setup process, start by asking three questions: Who are you building the website for, what type of website will it be, and your experience level in website development.

I’m very experienced at building sites, but the rest of this walkthrough reflects the choice of path for some experienced beginners.

The next screen is where you choose WordPress as your blogging platform. If you don’t already have a WordPress account, Hostinger provides a convenient field to create one without leaving the setup wizard.

After that, Hostinger gives you the choice of choosing a template or starting with a blank canvas of a site. (How to Make Money Blogging)

Then, you’ll secure a free domain included in your Hostinger plan. If you’ve already seen the availability of a domain you’re interested in, you can quickly find it and checkout in one step.

However, the key is to add WHOIS privacy for an additional $10 per year. As a domain buyer, you don’t have to pay a lot to ensure that your personal information is not publicly visible or searchable.

Once you’ve checked out, it will take a couple of minutes to complete the Hostinger setup and install WordPress.

This is the point where you have your blog!

After the wizard completes, you will be taken to hPanel, the hosting control panel. With WordPress already installed for you, you can start designing your blog to suit your style.

Step 4: Design Your WordPress Blog

To design a blog, you need to choose an attractive and affordable WordPress theme.

Why do you need it? Well, after registering with WordPress, your blog will look like this:

Not exactly what you call elegant and welcoming, is it? The way your website looks will help drive more website traffic, which will help you earn more money.

Fortunately, WordPress has thousands and thousands of themes for you to choose from. I’ve even rounded up some of the best. Here’s how you can choose a WordPress theme:

1 Log in to your WordPress account.
2 Click Appearance in the sidebar menu on your dashboard.
3 From the drop-down options, select Themes.

4 Go to Add New located at the top of the screen to get access to thousands of fancy WordPress themes. You can also click the feature filter to filter your search to find options that suit your taste.

You should choose a theme that matches your personal style, but at the same time, it should also be in sync with the niche of your blog.

5 Preview the theme to see what it looks like.
6 If you like a sneak peek of a particular theme, click Install and then Activate.
With a good new theme, your website will get a much-needed upgrade to attract visitors.

Step 5: Come Up With Interesting Blog Topics

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to do everything you can to attract more website traffic or encourage more email signups. The best way to do that is to do what you’re already doing in your blog posts: provide your readers with interesting content. (How to Make Money Blogging)

What if you’ve already run out of great ideas in previous blog posts?

My tip is to make a list of your most frequently asked questions.

Trust me, in just 30 minutes, you can come up with new potential blog topics. Your priority should be to see things from your reader’s point of view.

Q1) What is an intriguing or exciting talking point for your readers?

For stay-at-home moms, topics related to sleep training, family activities, and budget-friendly meal ideas are a great place to start.

Q2) What are your reader’s pain points and challenges?

Common household challenges for stay-at-home moms can be meal planning, understanding developmental milestones, and more.

Q3) What are the characteristics of your readers?

Moms are generally patient and caring, and appreciate a sense of humor about the hard work of raising children.

Q4) Which key topics will attract your readers the most?

A child’s mental, physical, and emotional development can be useful talking points for stay-at-home moms.

Q5) What topics do your readers hate about niche?

Stay-at-home moms don’t like to be looked down upon by others. So, you can write blogs about how society sees them and their impact.

Similarly, you can use the questions above to generate ideas based on your importance. While you’re at it, don’t forget to create a catchy headline that will make the reader immediately click on your blog.

Step 6: Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important step to making money blogging. Here, you will enhance your site to rank higher in web crawlers for explicit catchphrases and expressions.

If you’ve been following me for long, you probably already know how SEO is my trump card.

By incorporating specific keywords and phrases, I have successfully driven over 30 million visitors to my website. Shocked?

This is the power of SEO.

In WordPress, you can improve your substance and blog by installing a plugin called Yoast SEO.

Go to the Modules menu and snap Add New. Look for Yoast Website optimization in the pursuit bar and afterward introduce the module.

Remember to enact it to finish the establishment cycle.

You will find that this module will provide you with a wide range of progress tips and ideas in light of the catchphrase you decide to work on your substance.

Step 7: Sign up for Google AdSense (earn money online 2022)

Setting up advertisements is the most effective way to adapt your blog. But you have to be smart about it. (earn money online 2022)

The biggest mistake people make is bombarding their sites with flashy ads. Avoid this at all costs.

Instead, focus on using targeted ads that engage your customers without annoying them.

To earn money through ads, you need a Google AdSense account. Go to the AdSense page and click on Sign Up Now. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to set up a new one. If you already have a Google account, sign in.

Before submitting your application, fill all the relevant information. The AdSense team reviews every application, and if everything goes well, you’re in! (earn money online 2022)

Next, follow these steps to set up your account: (How to Make Money Blogging)

1 Go to your AdSense dashboard and click on My Ads > New Ad Unit.
2 Select your ad size and ad type. When you’re done, select Save to get the code.

3 You’ll get code to copy and paste between the tags of your page. Here’s what it looks like.

how earn money with blog

4 Once the code is pasted, your ad will be live. Your AdSense dashboard will have all the information about your earnings, so check back regularly.

While you can use as many ads as you like, I recommend starting with one to two at most to get an idea of how your audience will respond to them.

If you see a high bounce rate on your dashboard, you may need to tweak your current ads for better results. (earn money online 2022)

Step 8: Create an Amazon Associates Account

You may have already heard about affiliate marketing. If your goal is to earn passive income, your best bet is to harness the power of affiliate marketing.

You can start by signing up for Amazon Associates, which allows you to start earning right away through referral links, display ads, or Amazon-specific shopping carts.

If your visitors decide to use your referral link or click on display ads, you’ll earn a small commission.

To sign up for Amazon Associates, all you have to do is visit the website and click on Join Now for Free.

It will be very useful. Check out this income from Brendan Mays for concrete proof.

how earn money with blog

Amazon Partners isn’t the main member program.

You will be happy to know that there are some companies with their own affiliate programs that pay higher commissions than Amazon. Make sure to do your research before signing up as an affiliate for a brand.

I also want to emphasize the importance of only promoting products or services that you have used or that you truly believe can help your audience.

Step 9: Offer a Product or Service for Sale (Optional, how earn money with blog)

Many people think that ads are the only source of income for bloggers. This may be true for a few, but you will also find that many bloggers make some money by selling a product or service.

Of course, this only works when you already have loyal readers with steady website traffic like Nomad Mate. Once you get to this point, you shouldn’t be afraid to take the leap.

how earn money with blog

Here are some things you might consider selling:

  • Practice
  • Books
  • Video courses/webinars
  • Training services
  • Consulting services

Then, you want to sort out how you need to sell your item. Administrations like Shopify or WooCommerce modules on WordPress, Amazon or Etsy are incredible choices for advanced items. If you’re selling a physical product (like phone cases or clothing), you’ll need to set up a more comprehensive eCommerce store.

At last, let your crowd in on about your item or administration by sending them messages. You can also consider creating lead magnets like pre-recorded webinars, PDFs and white papers to build your email list.

How to How to Make Money Blogging Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money blogging?

Yes, there are various ways to make money from blogging; Running ads, paid affiliate posts, including affiliate links etc.

What's the first step to creating a successful blog?

The first step to creating a successful blog is choosing a niche topic for your blog. Do market research and see what other blogs already exist; You don’t want your blog to cover an area that is already dense with similar blogs. Also, try to choose a topic that has natural associations with money-making blogging techniques like affiliate or sponsored posts or affiliate links.

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